Iago Lastra

Work experience

YouCanBookMe App

2019 - YouCanBook.me

Online scheduling web application. Connect with your calendar and only share your availability with anyone. The app was build on React and is successfully used by thousands of happy clients everyday.

More info YouCanBook.me


2019 - CARTO

Site planning using advanced location intelligence. Reveal was built using our in house libraries like Airship CARTO-VL and Vue.js.

More info CARTO - Reveal


2018 - CARTO

Airship is a design library which includes a component library and a CSS framework designed and optimized for creating map visualizations.


2018 - CARTO

CARTO-VL is a vector map rendering library build with javascript using WebGL APIs. CARTO-VL has a custom styling language allowing users to create very powerful visualizations


2017 - Quobis, Focus Telecom, Bezeq

Blive was a custom implementation of the Sippo collaborator. Blive forced us to make a very customizable product. During this project I learned a lot about accessibility, support for RTL languages and customization of apps.

Sippo collaborator

2017 - Quobis

Sippo collaborator provides a complete set of real time comunication features like video conferencing, chat, call recording, and file sharing.


2017 - M&G Labs

Trebo is an entertaining way to see the meteorological predictions and empathize with Galician people in something so representative as their weather and sayings. Trebo started as a pet project with @stefaniacasal.

El Mejor Taller

2015 - Eflox

Worked as a full stack developer on a website to search and compare car workshops.


2013 - Mobents

I worked on a new mobile payments application which uses QR codes to transfer payment information. I started as an Android developer but I became the main developer of the web-app. I also helped to define and implement backend APIS and protocols.

Gaia Mission

2012 - Coruña University, European Spacial Agency

For a while I collaborated in the LIA2 laboratory of the University of Coruña in tasks of visualization of the information obtained by the GAIA mission of the European space agency.


Fast mrMR

GPU implementation of a high performance feature selection algorithm.